Fundraising Exclusive Products

Butter Braid Pastries™: The original hand-braided pastry that simply says "WOW".

Joyful Traditions Cake Rolls: A layer of cake topped with a sweet cream cheese filling all rolled up. Beautiful and scrumptious. Apple dumplings - a whole apple surrounded by delicious sweet dough. Bake, glaze and serve. A perfect end to any meal!

Wooden Spoon® Cookie Dough: Pre-portioned cookie dough - a tempting treat anytime! Freezer to oven convenient!

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Butter Braid Pastries™

Joyful Traditions Cake Rolls and Apple Dumplings & Wooden Spoon® Cookies

Butter Braid Pastries™ & Wooden Spoon® Cookies


Wooden Spoon Cookie Dough

Partners for Profit Fundraising is proud to serve all groups large and small by helping them raise funds for many great causes! We are a family owned business dedicated to our motto, "Helping others help themselves."


When you partner your group effort and cause with our high quality products and service, you will have a Fund-tastic experience.


What our partners say:

"...I had no idea your company went to that level of service for the delivery process, but like I said, I was pleasantly surprised... As long as our awesome director lets me have a voice in our fundraising options, I can tell you that the butter braids will remain at the top of my list. Not only because they are delicious but because of you and the Massner family behind Partners for Profit!"

Group Leader from Indianola